Gymnastics is an extraordinary sport which develops flexibility, strength, grace, and coordination, not to mention confidence,discipline, creativity, and a
positive self-esteem.  Our mission at Carroll Gymnastics is to help children develop motor skills at all ages and levels in a positive, safe, and caring
environment. We help them acquire a broad range of physical skills and abilities while developing a sense of achievement, leading to a positive self-image.

The gymnastics class program is based on individual achievement and enjoyment through safe, progressive gymnastic training.

Classes are available for girls and boys at the preschool age through adults.  The program for children ages 18 months – 5 years places emphasis simple
tumbling, bars, and beam skills and motor development. School-age children, 6 years and older, are placed in the appropriate class based on age and skill
level for maximum development.  Instructors monitor ability levels of the children and move them up accordingly.

Cheerleaders can enjoy CGI classes which focus on tumbling, strength, and flexibility needed for cheerleading.  

CGI also offers an adult class for those interested in trying gymnastics. This more informal class provides an opportunity for adults to try new skills and
former team members to keep up their skills.

Mommy and Me (18 mos - 3 yrs)
For our youngest gymnasts, this
class involves parent child's
locomotor and apparatus skills
using obstacle courses and basic
gymnastics skills.
*  A parent attends each class
*  45 minute class
*  Student/Instructor ratio 7:1

Preschool Ages 3-4 yrs
This class features the use of all
apparatus and floor exercises to
guide children through obstacle
courses and movement
exploration. This class is teacher
directed without a parent.
*  45 minute class
*  Student/Instructor ratio 6:1

Kindergarten Age 5
This teacher directed class is
designed to teach the basic
gymnastic skills on all apparatus
and floor.
*  Student/Instructor ratio 6:1
*  45 minute class

Advanced Tots Ages 4-6
This class is designed for
preschool children who show
advanced abilities on all
apparatus.  Students work toward
the developmental team program,
increasing strength, flexibility and
*  Enrollment is by invitation only
*  Student/Instructor ratio 6:1
*  45 minute or 1 hour class

Adult Gymnastics
(Ages 16 & older)
This tumbling class is
designed to improve strength
and flexibility, using the floor
and trampoline.  
*1 hour class
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1
Wednesday  8:30-9:30

1-hour classes
Student/instructor ratio 10:1
Taught by Kristy Harrison
Thursday 6:00-7:00

1-hour classes
Student/instructor ratio 10:1
Taught by Syeda Khan
Friday  6:00-7:00

1-hour classes
Taught by Margaret Blubaugh
Wednesday 7:00-8:00

Basic, Intermediate and
Advanced Cheerleading
Ages 6 & older
Tumbling and trampoline work
designed for beginning,
intermediate, and advanced
* Grouped by ability
* 1 hour class
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1

Tumble and Trampoline
A mixed skill level class
designed to help students
improve their tumbling skills.  
Ages 6 and older one hour
Student instructor ratio 8:1

Tumbling and Cheer with
Bob Bowers
Bob Bowers leads the tumbling
class for all skill levels

Tumbling & Trampoline  
Ages 6+
This class is designed for
beginning and intermediate
gymnasts who wish to work on
tumbling and trampoline,
excluding bars, beam, and
* 1 hour class
* Similar to cheer classes
* Beginning and Intermediate
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1

Girls Basic Ages 6-8 and 9+
This basic class is designed for
the beginning gymnast.  
Classes are grouped by age
and will gain experience on all
apparatus, including the
* 1 hour class
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1

Boys Basic  Ages 6+
This basic class is for boys to
learn the fundamentals of
They gain experience on all
apparatus, learning basic skills.
* 1 hour class
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1

Homeschool Classes Ages
A homeschool class for both
boys and girls at the beginner,
intermediate, and advanced
* Grouped by ability
* 1 hour class
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1

Girls/Boys Intermediate  
Ages 6+
(By invitation only) An
intermediate class offered for
ages 6-8 and 9+ girls and boys.
* By invitation only
* 1 hour class
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1

Girls Advanced  Ages 5+
(By invitation only) Designed
for children ages 6 yrs. and
older who are working toward
the Developmental team
program. They work on
increasing strength, flexibility,
and skills on all the apparatus.
* By invitation only
* 1 hour class
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1

This class is designed to
prepare girls for the
developmental team.

*By invitation only
* 1.5 hour class
the next step before
developmental team
* Student/Instructor ratio 8:1
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