What should my child wear?
For gymnastics and tumbling classes, students should wear comfortable clothes (t-shirts and shorts, sweatpants, etc.).  Leotards are fine but are not required.  They will not wear socks or shoes for the classes (cubbies and lockers are provided). Post earrings are fine, but please no other jewelry.
Can I watch the class?
Yes! At Carroll Gymnastics, there is a viewing area on the 3rd floor that overlooks the gym. There is plenty of seating and even a play area for younger siblings.

What if my child misses a class?
We allow make-ups for missed classes based on availability. You will receive a “makeup token” in your email. Login to your account and select “makeups.” You will then see a list of all options to schedule your make-up. Make-up tokens must be scheduled within two weeks of the missed class or they will expire.
Makeup tokens are non-transferable.
When does my child move up to a more advanced class?
Our staff is continuously monitoring the progress of the all class participants.  If an instructor feels your child may be ready, they will schedule a time for you to come in to have your child tested to see if he/she has the skills required to advance.  Keep in mind, our primary concern is the safety of your child and we will not move them up if we feel they need more time to master skills.

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